About Cewatech

Fish feed from waste cuttings provides quality fish, environmental improvement, increased profitability for paper mills and reduced fishing offshore.

The Gothenburg biotech company Cewatech has developed a technology based on the cultivation of microscopic fungi on waste products from plant breeding processes. A first application, in waste disposal from the sulfite mill in Säffle, has now reached a pilot scale in collaboration with Nordic Paper.

The high content of protein, amino sugar and vitamins produced by the mushroom biomass makes it ideal as a substitute for fishmeal, today’s protein source in fish feed for commercial fish farming. Mushroom biomass content of amino acids and amino sugar is almost identical to that of small seafood, which is the main source of predatory jelly, which makes it even better suited and therefore provides competitive advantages. Made fish farming efforts with the new feed are very promising.

In addition to being used in fish feed, the fungus biomass can be further developed in a number of other ways. The opportunities for expansion and technology exports are therefore good.

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